Chilled Water Cooling Coil

The SHREEJI COIL CO. is a reputable and well-known Manufacturer and supplier of Chilled Water Cooling Coil, especially for industries. We provide a high-quality and dependable range of evaporator coil products due to our extensive industry expertise. In order to further fulfil all industrial requirements, we offer solid solutions that are adaptable, very efficient, and cost-effective thanks to our ideal combination of experience and skill. We provide great characteristics including simple maintenance, simple installation, and little wear & tear with the goal of properly accommodating the diverse strainer and valve needs in the industry.

Every stage of the process is watched by our quality management system, which then conducts a quality test. We receive appreciation for our quality and customer service in the domestic markets. In this sense, SHREEJI COIL CO. has earned a reputation for manufacturing high-quality coils that may be found in all sizes.

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Air Cool Condenser Coil Manufacture

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extremely efficient professionals with extensive knowledge in this field.


we have spacious warehouse facility to store these products accordingly.


we have spacious warehouse facility to store these products accordingly.

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All our coils are pre-charged with nitrogen and the connection pipes sealed with copper caps.This ensure all coils are delivered to you in perfect order. No leaks – guaranteed.

What Purpose Serves Chilled Water?

First of all, medium and large-sized buildings typically use chilled water systems. Chiller plants serve as centralised cooling systems, supplying cooling to a single building or even a number of them. to remove heat from interior building spaces with chilled water

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Specification Of Chilled Water Cooling Coil

Specification Of Chilled Water Cooling Coil:

Coils are made of Seamless Drawn Copper that has been mechanically expanded into aluminium fins and die-formed self-spacing collars according to BS EN 12449. Silver brazing is used to join copper return bends and tubular copper headers to the tube ends. Connections for flow and return are BSP (M). There are drain sockets and air vents available. Die-formed collared holes have been incorporated onto tube end plates to enable safe tube expansion and contraction. Standard drain trays come with a BSP(M) drain connector, an air baffle to stop air bypass, and are v-shaped. To allow drainage into the customer's own drain tray instead, perforated bottom plates may be offered.

Chilled Water Cooling Coil Manufacturer in Gujarat

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SHREEJI COIL CO. have made significant investments in our research and development and production technology in order to create cutting-edge HVAC and refrigeration systems. Our factory, where both of these operations are conducted, is the foundation of our business. Its integrated advanced processing methods enable our engineers to create flawless products free of any technical flaws. A SHREEJI COIL CO. designs and layouts of goods like Circuit Cooling Coil are developed and prepared in accordance with the application needs of our clients. Modern CAD/ CAM software is utilised by our professionals to design and fabricate the items in accordance with worldwide standards.

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Chilled Water Cooling Coil
Chilled Water Cooling Coil Manufacturer
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